Simplicity WordPress Theme

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Simplicity WordPress Theme

Simplicity is a free WordPress theme which can be used for practically any type of website or blog. The main menu is in the sidebar. If you need a secondary menu, there’s a position created for it in the footer. The header features a special widget, named “Header Ad”, which allows you to insert an advertisement at the very top of all pages. I dimensioned it for the 728px x 90px standard ad. This can be a Google AdSense ad or any other banner. You’ll need to drag a text widget in the Header Ad position, then put your ad code in that widget.

Basic features:

  • Sidebar widgets: yes
  • Header widget: yes (specifically designed for your header ads)
  • Custom menus: yes (two positions, one replacing the default menu and one secondary position in the footer)
  • Threaded comments: yes
  • Drop-down menu: yes
  • Colors: mainly white with blue, gray and dark red
  • Bigger images are automatically scaled down to fit the blog post area
Try the live demo

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