Shades of Gray

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Shades of Gray is one of my favorite WordPress themes. Its dark background and relatively wide blog area make it perfect for photography or travel blogs and websites. I made it for my travel blog, then I decided to release it here for everybody who needs an elegant photography site or online portfolio. Like all other themes here, it is made with HTML5. The layout has a fixed width, it doesn’t change with the screen size.

Basic features:

  • Customizable background: yes (just upload your background image from the WordPress admin dashboard)
  • Sidebar widgets: yes
  • Footer widgets: yes (three positions)
  • Custom menus: yes (one position, replacing the default WordPress menu)
  • Threaded comments: yes
  • Drop-down menu: yes
  • Colors: dark, shades of gray with blue accents

Premium features (included in the free theme):

  • On-page SEO properly done, so you have better chances to rank for relevant keywords and get more traffic to your website
  • Thumbnails on front page and in the “Latest Articles” sidebar widget (if selected as featured images when writing your posts)
  • Custom-styled image gallery (the default light gray border has been replaced with the custom style of the theme)
  • Bigger images are automatically scaled down to fit the blog post area
Try the live demo

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