Restless Traveler is a free WordPress theme made for travel websites and blogs. The left sidebar starts with the main menu of the website. A secondary menu can be added in the footer. The header features a special widget (which you can find in the Widgets section in the administration dashboard), named “Header Ad”. It permits the insertion of an advertising banner (or AdSense block) in the header of the site. It fits the 468px x 60px standard ad. All you need to do is put your ad code in that widget. If you need other ad formats, you’ll have to edit the style.css file and move the ad a bit to the left. This is the theme I’m using for my travel blog (with slight adaptations).

Basic features:

  • Sidebar widgets: yes
  • Header widget: yes (designed for your a 468×60 px standard ad block or banner)
  • Custom menus: yes (two positions, one replacing the default menu and one secondary position in the footer)
  • Threaded comments: yes
  • Drop-down menu: yes
  • Colors: dark red, blue, white
  • Bigger images are automatically scaled down to fit the blog post area