Almost Rain is a dark WordPress theme best for personal blogs. I believe it works well for poetry websites or for blogs about nature. If you have more ideas or if you used this theme for one of your projects, I’d be happy to hear from you in the comments.

Basic features:

  • Sidebar widgets: yes
  • Footer widgets: yes (three positions)
  • Custom menus: yes (two of them)
  • Threaded comments: yes
  • Drop-down menu: yes
  • Colors: dark, shades of gray with blue accents
  • Generous advertising space between header and content, suitable for a leaderboard ad (728 x 90)

Premium features (included in the free theme):

  • Responsive (the layout changes when viewed on mobile phones or iPads)
  • Bigger images are automatically scaled down to fit the blog post area
  • Custom Latest Articles widget which displays the list with little thumbnails.
  • Customizable background image: you can try your favorite images or patterns to make your website more personal. For reverting to my default image, just delete yours from the admin dashboard.